5 Things Expats Forget, But Should Not Neglect

There are so many reasons why people became an expats. Some says that they became an expat because it is required in their job. Some even says that they moved out of their country because of their partners. Other people’s reason was due to education purposes. Reasons still depends on the person itself but almost all of them have two goals in mind and that is to be productive and successful after choosing this option as part of their career move. But what if, you will find yourself struggling just to cope up with your current situation as an expat?Here are the few things that you should give importance right after you have moved to the country that you have chosen to avoid mistakes while living there.Securing a complete documentWhen you already have files that are needed to make your stay legal, keep those documents in one safe place. These documents are all your passports, driver’s license (if you have), birth certificates, health insurance, medical records, and your other documents. If you think that you’re kind of forgetful if where you have put all your documents, you can have photocopy those document, then put those documents on your cabinet that has a lock so that it will be much easier for you to look for it.These legal documents are important and should be put in a place where no one knows except you. Be vigilant with how you keep your documents. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You need to set a plan to be able to make your travel and stay hassle-free.Preparing not just yourself

Don’t just prepare emotionally but in psychology since you will be working in another country where you don’t know almost everyone, aside your workmates and some acquaintances. Everyone who is currently working or studying abroad has their own problems about being an expat. They might share similar problems but the way they will cope up is different from each other.One of the most common but alarming problem is loneliness. Leaving your family and friends to be able to work or in some cases, to study, is one of the hardest things to. The feeling of loneliness doesn’t end with just being alone. It’s more than that. It could be either they find it hard to make friends with right people or they might be always in a huge group but always end up just the listener.In this kind of work, you need to be open with your feelings before your sadness will eventually fins its way to outrun you. Which is a bad thing since it might lead to something terrible.Adjusting period is not a jokeIt’s not similar to what you usually feel during the first day of classes in your new school wherein you’re surrounded by people who are already friends with each other. It will take so much time for you to be able to say that you’ve already starting to be okay with the differences between the country that you’re staying and your homeland. Remember, they’re two different countries and the laws and regulations that are being implemented are not the same.Some people never adjust, some people fit right in immediately. You may ask if it is okay, the answer is, it’s okay. It’s still okay if it will not take years before you started to adapt with the way of living. The best way to cure this problem is to maybe because of the job that you applied for or maybe working and living abroad is not for you.You might say that it will take time for you to adjust but if you’re starting to develop problems that might affect how you function at work, maybe you’re not actually the reason why. Maybe you’re not suitable to the work that you have.Leave the prejudices in your home countryEvery time something is new to us, it’s easy for us to judge it even before we get to know about it and one of the common examples are when making friends. Oftentimes, we ask ourselves why is it that nobody wants to be your friend. But the question that you should really ask is: have you assessed yourself yet? Maybe it’s not their fault, maybe you have your share of mistakes, too?Prejudices sometimes prohibit us from getting to know other people. We have our own ideals when it comes to choosing a friend. The problem is what if your standards for choosing a friend don’t suit with the general public? Would you make it low or spend the rest of your stay as an expat without someone to be with you?Be open to the possibility that waits for you in another country. Breaking the rules that you set for yourself might be a good thing to do in order to gain friends. Talk to your co-worker that shares the same dilemma with you, you might find a companion with them.

Don’t forget to reward yourselfIf you’re working abroad and you still have a family to support in your homeland, always remember that it’s not a crime to treat yourself sometimes whenever you’ve received your paycheck. If you missed watching your favorite dramas that are being shown internationally, locally, or on your current home, why don’t you binge watch it if you have time? If you already miss having a new hairstyle, why don’t you go to the nearest salon and choose the style that suits you?Don’t spare yourself from all the good things that you deserve to have. You still worked hard to earn it, anyway. You sometimes forgot to pamper yourself just because you wanted to save money for you and your family’s future use. You need to have relaxation in order to release all the physical and mental stress that you have for the past weeks or days. Find a schedule where you can have a time for yourself.Being an expat might also be a tough decision that you will make since you will be going to experience different kinds of struggles before you will be able to overcome the fear that you felt. But you know what, it’s okay. Everyone has been on that stage before. You just need to do your best in everything you do.